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California Family Vacations - Family Vacation Trips in USA



The Family that Plays Together....stays together, or so it goes in a saying that was created long ago for a type of family that's less of a reality now than it used to be. The concept of packing up a station wagon, filling up your car with a tank of gas and heading for that trip, takes on new meaning with SUV's complete with GPS, TV, CD, DVD and all full cell communications to keep you in touch at every bend.


Families on vacation today may be comprised of a mother and daughter, or as we've seen most often, fathers and daughters who spend quality time regrouping from large distances via commercial aircraft that help them re-connect. The family trip is in transition not just from distances traveled, but also from the changing face of the family itself. What continues to hold strong among families are entertainment-style vacations on cruise ships or at theme parks such as Disneyland Resort in Anaheim.


While journeys on the road and trips to explore the mountains hold strong appeal for European travelers to California, beaches and amusements continue to be tops for California families on the go.


Moms and dads with little time and lots of guilt will try to show their kids the most fun at theme parks and beaches where lots of youthful events are held.

Family trips with the extended family can be costly with multiple hotel rooms. They are still popular, but less so than the quick jaunts for a weekend where one family member visits another. Travelers have become more savvy, more demanding and their excursions require more specialized offerings to appeal to the individuals. For instance, seniors are now seeking learning experiences and exposure to new soft adventures. Meanwhile, their children with kids of their own may be taking their smaller family units to weekend soccer games along the coast, or heading out, just mom and girlfriend on the girlfriend getaway.


Families have not disappeared, but have changed their shapes and sizes so that they are now comprised of one parent, a step-parent and children, or one parent and the kids. There's no "one size fits all" family vacation. But if there were, by the numbers, that vacation would most often be Disneyland in Anaheim.


What Disney has done to create the family vacation environment is to offer shopping and dining that combines some youthful elements and menus with adult tastes and preferences. Disney has studied their demographic and has recognized that both groups have expendable income Fun zones surrounding the theme park with sports and adult entertainment such as live jazz bands allow the adults to have as much fun as their youthful counterparts. Hotels next to the theme park experiences allow the older crowd to snooze and relax, while the teens are in the parking having fun.

The theme parks draw many national and foreign tourists to California on family vacations. California family vacations are good for the families, the economy and the youngest family members who require bonding with their adult role models.