Huntington Beach


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Woody Video in Huntington Beach Christmas Parade



In the video above you'll see Downtown Huntington Beach, California's annual Light a Light of Love Christmas Parade featuring of all things, woody cars. Woodies are the official car of Huntington Beach, CA. Our Christmas Videos show some of the holiday fun throughout California.


santa arrivesIf California parades have lots of woodies showing off their chrome, wood tones, and beach stickers collected lovingly over the years of surfing. In the Huntington Beach Christmas Parade and just about every local car show and parade around you'll find a couple woody cars strutting their stuff. One is driven by Randy of the International Surfing Museum. You can see Randy Lyford driving his beloved car in the video above. Randy takes his parades and surfing both seriously. That's why you'll see him with his car shined up, entered in nearly every parade Huntington Beach has to offer. (About 2)


band parade videoWhen you visit and watch the Christmas Parade held a weekend in early December, bring a jacket to keep warm. And if you are a parade lover, count on this one lasting around 15-20 minutes.


If you want to learn about the history of surfing in the region, wander across the street to the surfing museum on Olive.