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Santa Arrives at the Christmas Parade in Huntington Beachh


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Santa Claus arrives in a fire engine in downtown Huntington Beach, California during the annual Light a Light of Love Parade. The procession of kids, bands and Santa head along Main Street to the Huntington Beach pier to turn the switch and light the artificial snowflake lights that are sponsored by individuals and corporations.


woodyHo-ho-ho, Merry Christmas! That's the word on the street from Santa Claus, who rides in a fire engine in Huntington Beach each year. Usually pulling up the rear on a small town parade that lasts about 10 to 20 minutes, Santa Claus often wears a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses in HB. The beach city celebrates the Christmas holiday much like other Southern California beach towns. The parade weather often hits a low of 60 degrees ad people get extremely cold. Wearing their Ugg boots, winter coats, scarves and mittens, you'd think it must be snowing!


It is snowing, say some, who wait for the snowflakes to be turned on. A countdown from 10 to 1 occurs after a Santa appearance and some kids stage shows. Then the snowflake lights that line Main Street and the pier are illuminated, and everyone is happy.


band parade videoSanta appearances in Huntington Beach number in the dozens. In a single season, Santa may appear at three malls, he appears downtown, and through the Parks & Recreation department of the city he'll even show up at your house.


At the parade his appearance is a welcome as the sirens of the fire engine sound. What better way to greet one of his favorite stops than to ride in with a lot of fanfare and noise? There are only two parades in Huntington Beach each year--the 4th of July Parade and the Light a Light of Love parade.