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California Christmas






Seaside Ice is The Ice Skating Rink on the Beach IN Southern California



The owners and event managers at the great, new  Seaside Ice rink in Redondo Beach welcome the public to come join the fun during the holiday season (November to January).


In the video above, the owners of Seaside Ice in Redondo Beach invite you to share in the fun during the holiday season at King Harborr's Seaside Lagoon. That's where a holiday, outdoor ice rink was installed on a beach overlooking the harbor, Pacific Ocean and mountain range that lines this beautiful Southern California bay. South Bay is a tourist destination close to Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.


scott and azumi williamsSeaside Ice has palm trees, beaches and ice in Redondo Beach, California. On Tuesday evenings you'll find Ruby Tuesdays, in which Ruby's diner next door to the rink offers prizes for skaters dressed in 50's style attire. On Wednesdays there are free movies for the kids. And special guest appearances of Santa round out this awesome beach event.


The ice rink was unveiled in November 2008 and is open seasonally for the winter holidays each year. Redondo Beach has never hosted a beach ice rink in recent history and the public is welcoming this skating opportunity with open arms. In addition to great sponsors, the public is attending the rink and enjoying the Southern California sunshine and the beautiful harbor setting (boats pass by as you skate) in Seaside Lagoon, a sand beach venue for tourists and locals.  At Seaside Ice, vendors sell candy, snacks and soft drinks, and there's Brazilian Barbeque each evening. In addition, Ruby's has a walk up window where you can order meals right next to the rink. There are outdoor picnic tables with palapa-style umbrella shade to make eating a real treat.


The Seaside Ice planners thought of everything you can imagine. In addition to world class skaters giving demonstrations regularly, and classes being offered so you can learn to skate, there's a grandstand with comfortable seat in patriot red & blue.


azumi williams skaterIt's Americana, brought to Southern California from residents of Redondo Beach who envisioned something more than the empty space that sits each winter mostly unused at Seaside Lagoon. Coming from Chicago and Boston originally, Tom & Maura Kearney grew up with fun winter activities at their access. As they exercised in Redondo Beach's Gold's Gym overlooking the empty space at the lagoon, they began to hatch a plan to create an attraction that would bring life to the summer paradise, now desolate during the winter months when the Southern California weather is perfect.


It took several years of planning to launch the Seaside Ice venture. City permits, partnerships and logistics all came into play in making this ice rink gel. When you visit and see the setting, the happy people skating, and families having fun, you understand what the founders were thinking. In addition to operating an event business with a party bus, a film production company, and maintaining a full time career in advertising, the dynamic duo had a dream and are testimony to how two people can help a community.


Additional ventures include:

Disc Metro is a party bus you can rent in Redondo Beach. Leopard skin seats, disco ball, pictures of John Travolta, and more.


Hermosa Beach Film Festival, an annual event with movie screens set up on the beach.