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Huntington Beach Easter Egg Hunt Annual Event Video


Annual Easter Egg Hunt in Huntington Beach features fun for kids, and an eagle eye for parents keeping watch on their ambitious youngsters.


Peter Cottontail can be seen at Central Park most days of the week. But we suspect than when the egg hunt occurs, the bunnies all scramble and hide, avoiding the 5000 or so youngsters and parents who come to search for candy at the City's Annual Easter Hunt.


Seen in the video above are one of the several hunts arranged by age group. While some cities make the parents stand back and watch, this event allows the parents to go with their children onto the green lawns where the candy is strewn. Thousands of pieces of candy are spread across the lawn in each age range hunt, and its the kids' task to pick them up and put the candy in their baskets, bags, sacks or whatever container each child should bring to the event.


You can't believe the excitement until you watch one of these hunts. We would like to say it's nuts, but a better way to describe it is to say it is egg-actly what you would expect.


If you don't live in Huntington Beach and don't happen to be visiting and staying at Huntington Beach Hotels, then you'll be glad to know there are other Easter Hunts throughout California.