Huntington Beach


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Huntington Beachh's Downtown Christmas Parade Video



In the video above you'll see Downtown Huntington Beach, California's annual Light a Light of Love Christmas Parade featuring local high school bands, pets, kids, scouting groups and Santa Claus. Our Christmas Videos show some of the holiday fun throughout California.



santa arrivesIf you're looking for small town Americana at the beach, the annual Christmas parade at Huntington Beach is an example of the family-oriented activities this city offers. While the town transforms into a different scene after dark, during this special weekend afternoon families are afforded the opportunity to watch kids and kid-oriented entertainment as the pier lights are lit in celebration of the holidays.


With this annual event now over 10 years old, it is evolving into more entertainment tied to the lighting itself.  In recent seasons, you may have discovered the street closed earlier and there were food samples offered for a fee. The money raised from this one day event is used for the woodycity's youth shelter. This shelter is a safe harbor for kids in all sorts of situations. That's why everything about the day and the event is geared toward youngsters and young adults.


The video on this page features the marching band of the city of Huntington Beach's Ocean View High School. It provides a brief sampling of what the parade called Light a Light of Love is all about.