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Ventura Annual Kinetic Sculpture Race Event, Ventura, CA Oct. 23, 2010



Ventura's Annual Kinetic Sculpture Race is one of several such events throughout California (Humboldt County hosts a Kinetic Sculpture Race on Land from Arcata to Ferndale). It is tough finding updated information on the Ventura events but we did discover the following from previous such events, a 5K run was added to the event.




Launch in the Harbor - located behind Four Points Sheraton
(best viewed from shore by launch ramp)
Join the racers around 10:00am as they prepare their vehicles for the
brake and equipment test before they launch into the Harbor at 10:27am.
The boat launch ramps are located behind the Four Points Sheraton off of
Harbor Blvd. Turn right on Schooner Drive which is the street along side the
Four Points Sheraton. Park in the Special Events area or the dirt parking
lot by the launch ramps.

The water course starts at the boat launch ramp and follows a course to the
public boat docks and continues on the water throughout the Harbor Village ending
at Mother's Cove Beach area. You should plan on moving your vehicle (or bring bicycles
with you) to the other side of the harbor during the water and sand challenges of the race.
After the water and sand challenges, the sculptures will be parked in the Carousel grass area
by 1pm. Plan to have lunch at the various restaurants during the lunch break period. The Road
Race challenge will start at 2pm. You can see the vehicles parade on the walk way from the
parking lot behind Andrea's and along the water way to the grass area. The vehicles will exit
the side walk onto the parking lot road way along the grass area to a figure 8 race course
in the parking lot. the figure 8 race course will have each vehicle complete 10 laps
without destroying each other in the figure 8 cross over. The mud pit will be the
final challenge which is located on the grass along side the Road Race.

Harbor Water Course - located on opposite side of the Harbor
(best viewed from multiple locations along Harbor Village promenade)
After the launch, the vehicles will propel themselves down the channel
towards the docks in front of the restaurants in the Harbor Village;
racers will go to a designated dock to pick up an object to prove
they reached the dock ; racers will turnaround the way
they came and head towards the Harbor entrance (best viewed on
Mother's Cove Beach) to exit on Mother's Cove Beach behind
The Channel Islands National Park Visitor Center.

Sand Challenge - from Mother's Beach to Surfer's Knoll
(best viewed on Mother's Beach)
At 12:00, sculptures will race down the sand from Mother's Cove Beach
to Surfer's Knoll; cross Spinnaker Dr. and park on the grass area by
the Carousel for a lunch break.

Road Race down Harbor Village promenade and parking lot
(best viewed from restaurants, areas around shops; parking lot and grass area by mud pit)
At 2pm, the road race will take place after a parade along the promenade.
(best viewed from The Greek restaurant's patio dining area) and into the parking lot by
the large grass area. Racers will enter the parking lot executing
an oval race course around the parking lot islands. The Race
will end with a trip through a gooey mud pit in the large
grass area starting about 2:30pm.

The Mud Challenge - in large grass area
(best viewed from parking lot road and grass area by mud pit)
At 2:30pm or whenever the first vehicle finishes the oval race
course, sculptures will enter the gooey mud pit. After the mud pit,
you can meet the racers and see the vehicles up close after the Race.


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