trailer park troubadours

Antsy McClain and The Trailer Park Troubadours Band

Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours rock the double-wide with musical influences from Woodie Guthrie to Waylon Jennings, from Van Halen to Cake. With a devoted cult following for their rootsy rock and roll in the tradition of hard-working, blue-collar Americana, McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours are garnering respect and critical acclaim nationwide.

Antsy McClain's down-home and funny name gives you hint at what his "rural rock and roll" sounds like. Influenced by everything from Bill Monroe to Aretha Franklin, Steely Dan to George Jones – and by radio programs like The Grand Ol' Opry and Dr. Demento—McClain's got a unique outlook and fun, down-home style.

The Trailer Park Troubadours, are a skilled assortment of musicians who play in the rootsy, rock-and-roll tradition of their hard-working, blue-collar forefathers. McClain calls the music "folkabilly," and their live shows are a critically acclaimed mix of masterful musicianship and self-deprecating humor for all ages. The Troubs, as they are called by their "Flamingo Head" cult following, are committed to taking their unique blend of music around the globe. They sing about what they know saying "Woody Guthrie sang about trains, Red Sovine sang about trucks, we sing about trailers. It's who we are."

REVIEWS of Antsy McClain and The Trailer Park Troubadours

"Antsy McClain raises the standard of trailer park culture, seeing the lifestyle as an extension of America's pioneer spirit as we conquered the Old West. His band, the Trailer Park Troubadours, take this legacy and put it to song, calling it folkabilly and keeping their roots solidly in rock and roll." – April Helmer, The Express Times, Easton, PA

"With musical influences ranging from Woodie Guthrie to Waylon Jennings to Van Halen to Cake, one can't help but be intrigued by their lively, colorful songs of life in America's most forgotten neighborhood – the trailer park. With song titles like 'It Ain't Home Til You Take the Wheels Off,' and 'She Took the Mobile Outta Mobile Home,' the band will sing about the pleasures and heartaches of American trailer park life." – The Desert Advocate, Phoenix, AZ

"Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours combine the dueling, rustic guitars of Americana/rock with clever ballads and anthems dedicated to the values of America's simplest aspirations. A master of imagery, McClain encircles you with Pintos, mosquito bites, corn dogs smothered in Velveeta, flamingo lawn ornaments, and small town carnivals, leaving you little time to switch from recklessly doing the twist to crying in your beer." – Amanda Martinez, Good Times Weekly, Santa Cruz

"The band played a James Brown-style introduction for the men behind the madness, and when they strutted on stage from the back hallway of the Little Fox Theater it was either the immediate kazoo solo or their clothes — a menagerie of plaid and polka dots — that let you know you were in for something different." – Leah Barvels, San Mateo Daily Journal

"These self-proclaimed ''sons of hitches'' are bona fide musicians, songwriters and performers. If you're not singing along by the time the reprise of ''It Ain't Home'' rolls around, you'd better check your fun-o-meter." – Tucson Citizen

"Besides pulling audience members up on stage to dance, lead singer Antsy McClain spent a good portion of the show in the aisles working the crowd. With his impromptu comedian-with-guitar persona, Antsy put on a performance that seemed more like he was entertaining among his pals inside one giant trailer." – The Metro Active, Santa Cruz, CA

"When I first looked into the Trailer Park Troubadours, I was prepared for them to be funny. What I wasn't prepared for was these guys are flat-out GREAT. Their humor is obvious. When they sing songs like "My Baby Whistles When She Walks" (it's not what you think), it's a scream. But then, a few songs in, you hear something as poignant and rich as "Primer Grey Impala," you kinda sit up and take notice. These guys can really, REALLY, play and sing." – Take Country Back,

"Expect to be entertained...You'll get what you came for." – Bluegrass Magazine

"Even though they play tunes such as Wreck of the Bookmobile and It Ain't Home 'Til You Take The Wheels Off, this band is extremely good musically. They just can't help being funny." – The McNeese Arts Series, Lake Charles, Louisiana

"Antsy McClain is a storyteller of the highest degree. Every song is a vivid portrait of Americana, painted with poetry so effortless and clever, you'll find yourself being pulled along happily into the world of The Trailer Park Troubadours." – James Dellasandro, Screenwriter, author of Bohemian Heart and 1906

"The Trailer Park Troubadours are hysterically funny, fast-paced, and fresh." – West Side Theater, Newman, CA









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