Stanford University Cardinal Men's Soccer Game - Stanford, CA

Location: Laird Q. Cagan Stadium
Stanford, California
Event Types: College Sports (view all Stanford events in August)
Start Date: August 2020
End Date: November 2020
Event Fee: Ticket prices vary
Organizer: Stanford University Athletic Ticket Office,, , 1-800-Stanford
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Event Overview

Stanford University Cardinal Men's Soccer Game, in Stanford, California, takes place August 01, 2020 and ends in November. This College Men's Soccer event is sponsored by Stanford University Athletic Ticket Office and will be located at Laird Q. Cagan Stadium.

Additional Notes

With capacity of over 1500, people are pouring into the Laird Q. Cagan Stadium at Maloney Field for every home game and now the Stanford University Cardinal Men's Soccer Team is beginning to attract a lot of attention down in California. As they jostle for place in the NCAA these committed fans support them at every turn causing a rousing atmosphere for their team as they get behind their favorite red and whites.

This tightly packed stadium creates a hotbed of fervent support for the Cardinal creating a unique experience for the fans and the team. And why shouldn't it? With a home win ratio of .600+ the fans are packing in to see a winning team. With the women also posting a strong home win ratio Stanford Cardinal soccer is really on the rise.

With the recent new developments to the stadium bringing it up to Major League Soccer standards the Laird Q. Cagan Stadium is now more state of the art than ever and has hosted games from the local MLS team San Jose Earthquakes as well as been used by the US National Teams as a training ground. With its playing surface consisting of bermuda rye blend grass, the pitch is in exceptional condition. Further expansion plans tabled book your season tickets now to secure your seat for the future.

With children under two entering free of charge it's never to early to start supporting Stanford Cardinal Men's Team. With a wide demographic base in California the Cardinal are attracting all types of fans from the quietly confident to the downright bizarre. It is this blend that gives the Laird Q. Cagan its exciting and raucous atmosphere as everyone gets together behind their beloved Redwoods. So, its time for you to take a trip up to Maloney Field and throw your support behind the Cardinal!

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