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blue champagne at blue tahoe


Feature: Blue Champagne South Lake Tahoe Marketing Campaign


Associating a destination with a color works for me, especially when the color is blue, my favorite color, and the top choice among the majority of people, a study revealed. The way to promote Blue Lake Tahoe with the color blue has included all sorts of Blue events, and even blue champagne as seen in the photo. When you want to leave a thought or impression, and hopefully turn it into an action, why not utilize color to accomplish the goal?


At Horizon Casino Resort Lake Tahoe, a dinner event with trade professionals in the travel industry invited them to enter an elegantly-set room for a dinner, plus a musical stage show that included a welcoming by staff with blue champagne. In this event, the show dancers also greeted guests in 50's style usher uniforms and flashlights in hand. The overall effect when entering the room was "Splash". Costing little to accomplish, such efforts are artfully executed with the right staff. Cheerful smiles are absolutely necessary for this event and greeting to provide the warm, happy welcoming that folks in the travel industry or any industry so eagerly seek. It's an approach that works for private events, fund-raisers, or nearly any occasion.