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Sourdough Slim Western Cowboy Performer Information


sourdough slim

Wild West entertainer Sourdough Slim, known throughout the West for his fast paced variety show with great poems & tales is a performer extraordinaire. Singing songs of the cowboys on the range, Sourdough Slim also plays instruments such as guitar, accordion, tenor banjo, baritone ukulele and harmonica. His songs of the trails and rails include classics available on CD (


Born and known as Rick Crowder to family and friends, the Hollywood, California, native spent much time as a child on a family cattle ranch in the Sierra foothills. Knowing in his heart that his true calling as a cowboy was not on the range but rather, on the stage, the childhood cut-up developed a comic character that sang, played music and yodeled. In 1988 after years on the road with other groups, he developed his solo act based on a comical accordion playing yodeling cowhand. He connected with audiences from Los Angeles' Autry Museum to The Kennedy Center, and now enjoys a year-round schedule of performances at festivals, cowboy events and performance venues. For those who have seen him perform, expect a bit of laughter, corn, comedy and sweet music that brings it all home to a simpler lifestyle on the range.


With the interest in the Old West and a new crop of kids seeking the action-packed adventures that once delighted parents and grandparents, Sourdough Slim is positioned as one of the top performers of the genre to entertain and educate youngsters who've not had the privilege of riding a horse, roping a steer and experiencing a night under the stars like the cowboys of yore. Seeing Slim perform in one of his shows is worth going out of your way. While the kids may not get it at first, there's something primal about his delivery that kids absorb. The sound of his voice alone and the art of yodeling is entertaining enough. But the poetry, words, and show that weave stories help audiences relax as they suspend time & place, slipping back into their chairs as they are taken away to the late 1800s and early 1900s when cowboys on the range were prominent.


CD Releases have include Six Guns 'n Sage; Vaudeville Cowboy; Classics; and Classics II.


Songs Slim Performs:

High Noon
Cool Water
Don't Fence Me In
The Streets Of Laredo
Boots And Saddle
You Are My Sunshine
Hobo Bill's Last Ride
I'm An Old Cowhand
Tennessee Waltz
The Big Rock Candy Mountain
Pecos Bill
Tumbling Tumbleweeds
When The Cactus Is In Bloom
Waiting For A Train
Back In The Saddle Again
Happy Trails