Hot Air Ballooning in The Sonoma Wine Country


Santa Rosa, CA--Nothing can be more special that the ride you take in the morning as the fresh air and sunlight that filters through the clouds or bright dawn wake you to a refreshing hot air balloon ride in Sonoma wine country. We haven't taken this ride yet but have experienced the Temecula wine country balloon ride in Southern California and can attest that it is really special. There's nothing like it on earth. The ride is virtually silent, except for the chatter of your companions, and the occasional injection of fuel to power the balloon ride. While some say it's cool and you need a jacket, the ride actually does offer some added heat from the balloon itself.


This ride is on our list to check out, but hopefully you will get an opportunity to experience it first-hand yourself (and let us know how it was). Those who have tried it rave about the scenery in this lush, fertile region that produces some of the finest wines in the world. Soar above the grapes and see how everything looks, then take your friends for some wine sampling afterwards as the wineries begin to open for the day. Romance or family vacations are invited to enjoy this special occasion.



Above the Wine Country Balloons - Hot Air Balloon Flight Print at Home Tickets Available!
Santa Rosa, CA Category: Outdoor Adventures & Recreation Valid until: Jan 31, 2010
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Per Person (ages 6+) $245.25 $240.00
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