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    Six Flags Tickets

    Six Flags Discovery Kingdom,

    2001 Marine World Pkwy 

    Vallejo, CA 94589  

    Info: 707-643-6722


    Vallejo, Calif. - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Holiday in the Park is back! When it first launched in 2007, the theme park lit the biggest Christmas tree in the world, they said.


    Six Flags has seen a lot of change in recent years. First, the Vallejo theme park changed its name. Then it decided to go from strictly a summer operation to some winter hours of opening. And in 2007, it purchased and installed what park officials claimed to be the tallest Christmas tree in the world! And the park had hardly been opened for a single holiday season until this.


    Vallejo has seen a lot of change and the Six Flags Park reflects the economic cycles of the city and East Bay region as much the thousands of lights on the huge Christmas tree reflect in the night. Located in one of the fastest growing regions and experiencing a Renaissance boom, Vallejo's local economy and the growth of this area near the bay have helped to put the once thriving park back in the game again.


    Really creating a splash with the holiday themed attractions and events at the park, Six Flags moved quickly from a Halloween Haunt to a Christmas Holiday Celebration.


    The tree light ceremony, Christmas-themed animal shows, park entertainment and local audience all reflect the interest in holidays. With roll-back prices announced in 2008 to help stimulate traffic into the park, things will hopefully shine bright on this oasis of thrills, chills and fun.





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