Santa Ynez Valley Trail Days

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Solvang, CA--The first annual anta Ynez Valley Trails Days was launched in 2010  inviting the public to enjoy free walks & hikes throughout Valley Santa Ynez Valley, California. Appropriate for all ages, the event was designed to promote hiking and walking as options for family and individual fitness and interaction as well as to help the residents and visitors discover the beautiful hiking and walking resources that are available in the Santa Ynez Valley.


The public is invited to participate in five different activities, including three hikes oriented toward new to experienced hikers (depending on age and fitness levels) led by volunteer guides.


3 hikes begin at the YMCA, 900 North Refugio Road (corner of Highway 246) in Santa Ynez, CA.

Time: 8 a.m.


1. Easy Hike: Will follow the stream with several crossings. It is approximately 3 miles or less round-trip on mostly level ground at a slow pace.

2. Moderate Hike: Will follow the stream then turn off midway and head up a somewhat steep climb up the ridge to the saddle below Grass Mountain. Approximately 5 miles round trip at a moderate pace.

3. Challenging Hike: Will begin with the Moderate Hike group and then continue from the saddle to the top of Grass Mountain for an estimated 7 miles round-trip total. This is a very steep uphill and downhill climb with very few switch backs recommended for experienced and fit hikers. For more info on Hikes--call the YMCA at (805) 686-2037.


2 fitness walks sponsored by SYVVA and the Buellton and Solvang Parks & Recreation Departments are oriented toward families with children and walkers of all ages for 2-3 miles maximum. Meet at 9:00AM to join the fun.


4. River View Park, Buellton (take Sycamore Drive south from Highway 246 to the park entrance).

5. Hans Christian Andersen Park, Solvang (703 Atterdag Road). For more info on Walks—call (805) 688-PLAY. For general Trails Day info, email Coordinator Curt Cragg at [email protected]


American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day (; Local event:  


Do you know the 10 essentials for Hiking?


1. Map and Compass.

2. Whistle.
3. Water and a way to purify it.

4. Extra Food.

5. Rain Gear and extra clothing.

6. Firestarter and matches.

7. First aid kit. Prepackaged first aid kits for hikers are available at outfitters.

8. Knife or multi-purpose tool. T

9. Flashlight and extra batteries.

10. Sun screen and sun glasses. Especially above treeline when there is a skinscorching combination of sun and snow, you'll need sunglasses to prevent snowblindness, and sunscreen to prevent sunburn.






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