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Santa Barbara-- is the cultural mecca for the Central California Coast. In fact, there's really no place in California that captures the essence of creativity, ecology and event activities like this not-so-modest city of around 100,000 people does.


Some believe Santa Barbara stays "off the radar" a bit. But that may be because tourism stays strong with beach activities, cultural events, music and art festivals, and simply beautiful surroundings to enhance all that you see and do when visiting Santa Barbara.


Santa Barbara events we've covered include:


Art from Scrap Gallery events and exhibits. Everything is recycled or recyclable in this creative community forum that includes featured art exhibitions, kids camps, community days and workshops to create.


Big Dog Parade is an annual event named after a clothing brand, Big Dog.


Santa Barbara Taste of the Town is an annual fundraiser for the Arthritis Foundation, featuring food and fun.


Santa Barbara Earth Day Celebration is a huge effort to gear the community toward better environmental practices. It is open to tourists, and guarantees to education, stimulate and get you going in the right direction.


Santa Barbara French Festival celebrates Bastille Day with cultural foods, fun and entertainment.


Old Spanish Days Concert


Events are in two spheres. You have Santa Barbara proper with its own vibe. It contains a beach, mountains, a mission, wineries nearby, and schools such as the well-known Brooks College that emphasizes arts. On a hilltop there's also Santa Barbara City College.


And in the 2nd sphere you'll discover Goleta with the University of California Santa Barbara. This is a school highly sought for high school students wishing to combine higher educational pursuits with a beach location and plenty of extracurricular activities and events that the greater Santa Barbara community also enjoys. Due to the unique boundaries of the region, Goleta established itself as a separate city, and splits up Santa Barbara, which annexed a property north of Goleta on the upscale Bacara Resort that sits overlooking a beach.


For events, look for lots of music and concerts, ample art exhibits, and cultural events that combine the arts, food and music, such as the French Festival held annually.


Since Santa Barbara is the center of the green movement, expect to see plenty of focus on environmental issues in special events, art exhibits and even special event practices such as using recyclable and recycled materials in their events.



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