San Pedro City Ballet - The Nutcracker Annual Performance


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San Pedro City Ballet

1231 South Pacific Avenue San Pedro, CA. (310)732-1861

SAN PEDRO- San Pedro City Ballet's The Nutcracker is growing by leaps and bounds. This dance company has taken the stage by storm with community involved dancers, friends, families and a progressive approach to ballet & dance. We were contacted by the ballet company when they premiered a newly commissioned works in April 2008 by the Bradley team of Patrick David & Cindy Bradley.


San Pedro City Ballet (SPCB) came into existence in 1994 when these nationally recognized dancers and teachers, Cynthia and Patrick David Bradley, decided it was the right time and place to form this new ballet company and venture. What they discovered was a wealth of local talent eager to embrace a professional stance and training in the classics, as well as more progressive themes and styles.


Now a popular, annual event,  The Nutcracker is produced and staged at the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro. The venue offers a classic setting of its own, original to the San Pedro climate and culture. Audience attend concerts, dance and shows in this venue throughout the seasons.


San Pedro City Ballet under the direction of the Bradleys focuses on original modern works for a variety of venues throughout Southern California, and holds performance workshops throughout the city of Los Angeles.


San Pedro City Ballet's mission is to identify, train and promote a world-class pre-professional dance company from the diverse population of the Los Angeles Harbor area that is founded in classical works and traditions, and goes beyond to explore new contemporary and original modern works, and to provide training to schools throughout Los Angeles for arts education and after-school programs.


Like San Pedro itself, this dance company is becoming one of the shining stars in a city that's growing into a cultural mecca filled with entertainment and attractions while retaining its roots as one of the nation's largest shipping ports.