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Devine Performing Arts World Tour  2010


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Divine Performing Arts World Tour 2010  offers brilliant choreography and beauty. With multi-colored costumes, athletic dancers, traditional Chinese music and singers, the stage debut is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays with family and friends, or alone. This show will renew your energy and vision, according to press and public attendees of past performances. The show, bringing China's history to life through dance and music, authentic historic costumes and majestic set designs, celebrates and delves into 5000 years of Chinese history, using elaborate costumes, sets and props.


Exposing the Western World to the emerging fusion of Chinese arts, dance and culture, its arrival in California is timely.


The stage show itself began in 2004 and has grown by leaps and bounds. Expanding from only 5 cities in 2004, today it has reached 66 cities and continues to grow. In the vein of other Chinese traveling troupes, the production employs a large number of dancers, singers and actors, and its drama includes beautiful costumed Asian women with spectacular stage lighting, interspersed with daring, dancing men with swords, armor and incredible drama. The event's success comes from the Chinese love of pageantry, color and symbolism.



Divine Performing Arts brings to life classical Chinese dance and music in a gloriously colorful show. Masterful choreography and graceful routines range from grand classical processions to ethnic and folk dances, with gorgeously costumed dancers moving in stunning synchronized patterns. Based on ancient heroic legends and modern courageous tales, the breathtaking beauty of Divine Performing Arts is a "must see".

2010 Performance World Tour Schedule:


San Francisco, CA, USA
Jan 2-7

San Jose, CA, USA
Jan 8-10

Sacramento, CA, USA
Jan 11-12