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San Clemente's First Ever Stand-up Paddleboard Surfing Championships


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Ocean Festival San Clemente


July 17-18, 2010


Stand-up Paddleboard Surfing Championships to be held  Sunday, July 20 at the San Clemente Pier:
The San Clemente Ocean Festival will have its first ever stand-up paddle surfing contest on the north side of San Clemente Pier.


Stand–up paddle surfing, known as SUP, is a sport that has enjoyed a rebirth in recent years. Surfing breaks across the country are now seeing explosive growth of this traditional sport that combines surfing and paddling.

Utilizing a paddle that is specifically designed for SUP, surfers maintain an upright position while paddling out to the lineup, paddling into the waves, and then surfing them to shore. The paddle is not only a tool for navigating the lineup, but is also critically employed throughout the surfer's maneuvers on the wave.

Stand-up paddle surfing first surfaced on the shores of Waikiki back in the 1940s and '50s. The original Waikiki Beachboys blended their favorite sports of outrigger canoe paddling and surfing, utilizing a canoe paddle to both paddle and surf while standing. It was an adaptation made for convenience as it afforded the Beachboys a better view of the Waikiki surf lineup, where they assisted tourists in learning to surf and took their photos while doing so.

The concept for this year's event was developed by Barrett Tester (athletic director) and Jack Sutter (surf competition director) who want to showcase the SUP community at the San Clemente Ocean Festival. Stand-up paddle surfing has brought the biggest injection of energy to the surf industry in at least 15 years, according to Tester.


Where to stay: When visiting San Clemente for the Ocean Festival, the hotels in town still have some availability as of posting. Several options include 

The Stand-up Paddleboard Surfing Championships is an event open to everyone. Judging will be based on progressive & classic maneuvers and style (50%-50%). Use of paddle is part of the judging criteria. All contest rules and regulations will be posted at the event site. There are 24 openings, all in the open category (includes both men & women). San Clemente Ocean Festival medals will be awarded for 1st thru 6th.

Entry forms available at or contact Jack Sutter at: [email protected] or tel. 949-481-1205

Entry information: All events are open to the public and registration begins 6:00 A.M. at the San Clemente Pier. Entry fee of $40 includes commemorative San Clemente Ocean Festival t-shirt and surfing rash guard.

Contact info:
Jack Sutter, Surf Event Director
(949) 481-1205
Email: [email protected]
San Clemente Ocean Festival
P.O. Box 1373
San Clemente, CA 92674
Tel: (949) 440-6141