San Joaquin County Fair - Stockton, CA

Location: San Joaquin County Fairgrounds
1658 South Airport Way, Stockton, California, 95206
Event Types: Fairs (view all Stockton events in June)
Event Date: June 2020
Organizer: San Joaquin County Board of Directors ,, , 209-466-5041

Event Overview

San Joaquin County Fair, in Stockton, California, takes place June 15, 2020 and ends in June. This County Fair event is sponsored by San Joaquin County Board of Directors and will be located at San Joaquin County Fairgrounds, 1658 South Airport Way.

Additional Notes

The San Joaquin County Fair in Stockton, California is one of the oldest fairs on the West Coast and can today be seen as reflecting the changing nature of the county. San Joaquin's traditional farming roots have gradually been supplanted by a more affluent population of Bay Area commuters and the San Joaquin County Fair has changed along with its people.

First held in 1857, the five-day celebration kicks off in the middle of June. It has lasted through nine wars, a Great Depression, the moon landing and parachute pants. Since it was first staged, the country has gone through over 28 presidents. Through all this, the fair has been able to evolve with the times and adjust to new developments while maintaining a commitment to its agricultural roots.

Horse racing returned to the San Joaquin County Fair in 2009 after moving to September the previous year. Races take place throughout the event and have pushed crowd levels up. A popular national act usually kicks off the musical entertainment and local bands play daily on the Community Stage from 12-6 p.m. The last day typically features a popular regional act. Fair management encourages tasteful dancing.

In recent years, the fair has stressed the latest technological developments. It has featured solar panel exhibits, "green" straw in the horse stables and windows made from recycled glass bottles. The fair has spotlighted dog leashes made from reconstituted grocery bags and in 2009, a sign outside one of the goat exhibits touted the animal's benefits over carbon spewing lawn mowers. Times are changing at the San Joaquin County Fair even for the goats.

Of course some things stay the same. There are still midway rides, carnival games and cotton candy to make your hands nice and sticky. Adolescent boys still run around like a pack of goofballs chasing young women. These things will never change. It's what people love about the San Joaquin County Fair.