San Diego Padres MLB Baseball Game - San Diego, CA

Location: PETCO Park
San Diego, California
Event Types: Pro Sports (view all San Diego events in April)
Start Date: April 2020
End Date: September 2020
Event Fee: Ticket prices vary
Organizer: San Diego Padres Ticket Office,, (619)795-5000
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Event Overview

San Diego Padres MLB Baseball Game, in San Diego, California, takes place April 01, 2020 and ends in September. This Pro Baseball event is sponsored by San Diego Padres Ticket Office and will be located at PETCO Park.

Days & Hours

The regular season baseball games are played throughout the week April thru September. See their website for the home game schedule.

Additional Notes

What better way is there to spend a warm summer evening in Southern California than in PETCO Park cheering on the Padres of San Diego? So much can be said for the atmosphere of PETCO Park at a Padres home game, the loud fans, the exciting action on the field, and just a night to leave worries and troubles behind. These are only a few things that a night at a Padres game can offer.

PETCO Park is worth the price of admission in itself, the stadium offers so many more things to do than just watching a world-class baseball game. The view of San Diego is breath-taking when looking out towards center field. The stadium also provides an area for children to play in if they need a break from the action and just a moment to run around and be the children they are. The stadium also provides a chance to watch the game in a way that not too many professional stadiums do. At PETCO Park seats are available in a section known as "The Beach". This is an area where fans can buy tickets to relax in the sand while watching the game from beyond the bullpen.

The stadium is not the only reason that this should be on the list for a summertime event. The baseball that is played in this stadium is also very entertaining. The Padres have been National League Champions twice and National League West Champions five times. The Padres are one of California's premiere teams and bring an exciting spark every time they take the field. Given the rich baseball traditions that the Padres organization has to offer, it is without question one of the best activities a person can partake in on a beautiful summer evening. This experience is not only an oppurtunity to watch a professional baseball game, but its an opportunity to create new memories and new friends in the family like environment of PETCO Park. A visit with the Padres, the Swinging Friar, and PETCO Park are on the top of the list of things to do in San Diego.

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