San Bernardino County Fair - Victorville, CA

Location: San Bernardino Fairgrounds
14800 Seventh Street, Victorville, California, 92392
Event Types: Fairs (view all Victorville events in May)
Event Date: May 2018
Organizer: San Bernardino County Fair Association,, , 760-951-2200

Event Overview

San Bernardino County Fair, in Victorville, California, takes place May 14, 2018 and ends in May. This County Fair event is sponsored by San Bernardino County Fair Association and will be located at San Bernardino Fairgrounds , 14800 Seventh Street.

Additional Notes

The San Bernardino County Fair is the place to be for kids of all ages (0-100), with attractions like creating a wax mold of a pair of lover's hands, attending a different concert each night, going to the petting zoo, seeing the animals perform amazing tricks, riding in the go-carts, or something this particular fair has: the demolition derby!

Most fairs have some sort of petting zoo where the signs read "Please Touch, " instead of "Don't Touch." Children can come and enjoy the sensation of running their fingers over a turtle, or a llama, or if they want something more thrilling, they can go and watch the turkey races! Man, do those turkeys take off! If it is "exciting" you are really looking for, however, then the San Bernardino County Fair's monster truck races and demolition derby are not to be missed. Whether it be huge trucks racing around, leaping over cars, or doing amazing stunts, or people in cars smashing into one another until there is only one car left standing, people can find excitement and thrills around every corner. Not to mention the amazing array of booths to take in.

A person could get lost with all the streets lined with vendors announcing their wares, and people always seem to leave the fair with gifts that are just right for all their friends and family. A t-shirt for mom can be designed just the way she likes it, with a picture of all her kids on the front; or a boyfriend can win a giant stuffed animal for his sweetheart. And then, just when that overwhelming feeling of too much to do starts to sneak up, the food court comes into sight!

When the mood for amazing, mouth-watering, diet-busting food strikes, the food vendors at the San Bernardino County Fair are the place to catch something amazing. Vendors are selling everything from regular hotdogs and French fries, to foot-long hotdogs, to tri-tip steak sandwiches, or fresh BBQ-ed chicken straight off the grill. So whether it is the gut-wrenching rides, the heart-stopping demolition derby, or just walking hand in hand with a sweetheart amazed by the lights and sounds, the San Bernardino County Fair in Victorville, California is the greatest High Desert attraction ever!

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