Salinas Valley Fair - King City, CA

Location: Salinas Valley Fairgrounds
625 Division Street, King City, California, 93930
Event Types: Fairs (view all King City events in May)
Event Date: May 2020
Organizer: Salinas Valley Fair Association,, , 831-385-3243

Event Overview

Salinas Valley Fair, in King City, California, takes place May 12, 2020 and ends in May. This County Fair event is sponsored by Salinas Valley Fair Association and will be located at Salinas Valley Fairgrounds , 625 Division Street.

Additional Notes

For the residents of King City, California it's lots of fun to be at the Salinas Valley Fair, for it brings a change to their routine of life. They enter the colorful fairgrounds and feel happy to see the radiant and smiling faces of the visitors. They find themself in the midst of stalls selling off different items. There are different edible items like barbecue and grilled chicken, stalls of ornaments and dresses that attract people by their beauty. Some of the visitors are here to sell their prize animals because the auction of livestock is also being held.

Children are also thrilled to join the fair. For them the carnival at the fair is a big hit. The colorful party with awkward and funny costumes is interesting for them. They cannot stop laughing. The sight of livestock at the auction is also exciting and educational. They love watching cattle and poultry at the fair. Food is another tempting item for the children at the fair. Vendors are selling funnel cakes and hot dogs on a stick. A dairy ice cream parlor is also there with its innumerable choices of flavors. They can enjoy all this choice cuisine. All of us are children at heart and love indulging in simple joys.

The most important event in Salinas Valley Fair is the Monterey wine competition. This event is greeted with great enthusiasm by the visitors. The competition is about making the best wine. Wine makers from all over the state take part in this competition and the best wine maker is awarded a prize.Visitors also get a chance to taste different type of wines and pick out the best ones for themselves.

People never forget visiting this fair every year because this fair not only brings fun and entertainment for ther family but it also educates them in a way.