Run Or Dye Sacramento - Sacramento, California 94203

Location: Sacramento
Sacramento, California
Event Types: Running & Walking
Event Date: March 23, 2013
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Event Overview

How does Run or Dye work?Run or Dye is an awesome activity for everyone - that for the most part takes place right smack in the middle of a big color festival we like to call the Dye Zone. Well be crankin the tunes and rocking out while we toss more color around the Dye Zone than youve seen. The Dye Zone is also where each of our 4 different Color Courses start and end. From here youll choose which of our 4 Routes to run first - the order is up to you. Each Color Course ranges from 1 to 1.3 Kilometers. Each time you cross the finish line from running another Course you will get dashed and splashed with our awesome color AND youll get a chance to go return the favor to your friends in the Dye Zone. (Like a colorful pillow fight without the feathers). Wear your colors from the Color Course like a badge of honor and hustle back so you dont miss the chance to dust your pals with that handful of purple goodness. The best part is that the Color never stops coming!

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