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Plumfest Food Festival Huntington Beach Old World Village


Plumfest at Old World Village in Huntington Beach celebrates the beautiful plum with song, dance, entertainment for all ages, and of course, plum buns, plum cakes, plum desserts and other foods and drinks.

Plums, wiener dogs and a hot summer August afternoon in Huntington Beach, California make for Plum-delicious Plumfest fun!

Whatcha gonna' do when the Dog Days of Summer arrive in Huntington Beach? Why not head for the Plumfest and relax with an icy drink, plum desserts, dancing and dogs. No, not the kind of dogs you eat! Wiener dogs or Dachshunds are strutting their stuff at the Plumfest and Wiener Dog Races at Old World Village, offering a bit of Bavaria in Surf City.


Located near the 405 (San Diego Freeway) across from the re-vamped HB Mall now known as Bella Terra, the Old World German Village has been around for decades, offering Plums, Sausages, Cakes and specialty drinks and beers all served German style. In the vein of a beer hall of German, the village offers its own celebrations that include Plumfest, German Day and Oktoberfest.


For the kids, there are outdoor patio games and bouncy houses. For the grown-ups, there's the indoor entertainment and drinks that include some delicious on-tap beers. And for the dogs, there's the races. The cute little sausage style dogs that run on all fours sometimes dig the race--and sometimes they completely bomb. That's the fun of this down home, very unpretentious event that draws critters and their Dachshunds for an afternoon of fun each August during the heat of the summer when the temps are generally in the 70s & 80s (can spike to 100 on a very rare day), and assures that all are invited to have a good time at Old World Village in Huntington Beach.


Where to stay: Right next door is the Hotel Huntington Beach. It overlooks Old World Village, in fact. You can park your car and walk to the village, which is preferred when parking often gets tight. Hotel Huntington Beach also offers a great Sunday Brunch you might enjoy at its in-house restaurant called Pasta's.


Across the street in Bella Terra you'll find Starbucks, REI, California Pizza Kitchen, Cheesecake Factory, Edward Cinema and many shops to explore.