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Palm Springs Gay wedding portrait

Vikki Mangles, 42, and Isabel Chavilra, 44, both of Palm Springs, have been partners for eight years, and are getting married in Palm Springs.


Palm Springs--Excited to hear of the Supreme Courts Ruling allowing same sex marriages, they came up with the brilliant plan to hold a fun ceremony at CopyKatz. Both of them work at the entertainment venue and since the patio is available, they decided it would be a great way to tie the knot. 


The California same sex marriage ruling now enables countless couples to marry. Denied benefits available to traditional unions, the wedding business is about to blossom with creative, colorful and unique wedding ceremonies for the new crop of alternate lifestyle couples. Palm Springs is open for the same sex wedding business and the ceremony of these two women somewhat launches the deal and says to the world, "Come on down to PS."


Reba MacEntire, Ozzy Osborne and Charlie Chaplin look alikes are in the audience at CopyKatz Showroom, Downtown Palm Springs, and offer a humorous spin on the boring, traditional event. The entertainment venue presents shows for tourists, but is now considering taking on a new role as a wedding venue.

Said CopyKatz Showroom owner, "It was made official that CopyKatz Showroom - Downtown Palm Springs will be hosting the wedding ceremony for two of their workers and very well may be the first ceremony for this gay friendly community." Elyse Del Francia, Owner of CopyKatz Showroom believes that same sex marriages will become a popular tourist destination for many gays wanting to tie the knot and enjoy all the benefits marriage brings.

The ceremony will take place on Sunday, June 22, 2008 at 6pm in the CopyKatz Showroom patio. 200 South Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs , CA .

There will be cake and champagne after the ceremony followed by a special performance at 8pm with the cast of the Celebrity Revue. You might see Whitney Houston...Barbra Streisand...Michael Jackson or Paris never know who you will see at a CopyKatz Wedding Ceremony...sounds like fun.

CopyKatz Showroom, 210 South Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs , CA 92262, Call: (760) 864-9293-Phone


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