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Oxnard Christmas Tree Lane in Historic Homes District



Oxnard, Calif.--Christmas Tree Lanes are not all the same, as you'll discover when visiting Oxnard, California's historic homes district, part of the National Register of Historic Places. For information on a variety of attractions in Oxnard, be sure to check out the official tourism organization's web site,


Other events during the holidays include the Oxnard Christmas Parade and Oxnard Holiday Boat Tours.


While Altadena in Southern California boasts one of the oldest sets of Deodar trees that light up the night at the annual Christmas Tree Lane event, Oxnard's Christmas Tree Lane is recognized for its beauty and grace as one of the oldest, most pristine residential neighborhoods lit by the glow of Christmas lights that shine from every wooden beam, and tree.


Oxnard is one of those storybook locales that's a must-see for your holiday entertainment pleasure. The photographs above show the Historic District lit for the holidays, paving the way for travelers to wander on foot, or by car, and marvel at the beauty of the homes and light displays. Each year in December the residents who own these houses decorate them for the public to enjoy. So popular is this absolutely free attraction that it has become one of the favorite California holiday events for families and friends to visit Oxnard to enjoy.


Beginning the first to second week of December, the houses light up with color. Each night from around 6 to 10 p.m., visitors can walk on the sidewalks or drive their cars through the neighborhoods that comprise this historic region, and snap photos or simply revel in the starry scenes. Red, twinkling lights line walkways in the shape of draped wreaths, as life-size reindeer glow white on verdant lawns that you'll find in a region that rarely sees snow. Towering palms draped with lights loom tall over the yards and homes of this coastal California setting.


If you plan on visiting Oxnard and seeing this beautiful attraction, it never hurts to do your homework by visiting Oxnard Convention and Visitors Bureau online to get updates:  For other events, Oxnard offers numerous special events throughout the year.


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