Morry's of Naples Wine and Food Event


Big Food and Wine Event: Aphrodisiac Culinary Expressions and Sexy Wines – July 24th


Morry's of Naples is a 2nd Street venue in Long Beach's Naples region that offers an amazing list of wine selections. Special events throughout the year celebrate l'amore.


Drinking wine alone can induce an erotic experience, but when adding victuals with creamy, lush and sensuous textures, musky aromas, and spicy, steamy temperatures, even the most prudish of palates can be tempted. Sexually suggestive foods like figs and bananas can easily create a “come-hither” look.


Foods, like honey and oysters, containing vitamins that aid in sex hormone production, can surge the libido, resulting in hot-blooded passion. Join us for Morry’s most provocative tasting thus far - a titillating evening of food and wine bordering on the risqué.


Chef Cinthia will be creating small, select dishes sure to put you in the mood. Wine Expert Chris Spangler will be matching this seductive fare with racy and alluring wines.


The tasting will be held from 7 to 8pm and is just $45 per person. Reservations must be made by credit card and 48 hours notice is required for cancellation.


To reserve your place please email [email protected] or call (562) 433-0405.


The “Big Food and Wine Event” is a series of events held on the fourth Friday of every month.


The following is a list of upcoming tastings included in this event:


 Seafood and Red Wine – August 28th

 French Affairs – September 25th

Morry’s of Naples: “The Backroom Wine Lounge”
5764 East 2nd St.

Long Beach, Ca 90803

(562) 433-0405.


Need more romance? Check out the Naples gondola rides nearby and the Huntington Harbour Sunset Gondola rides (ideal before the event). 



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Reserve Toll free: 800-216-1482