Napa Town and Country Fair - Napa, CA

Location: Napa Town and Country Fairgrounds
575 Third Street, Napa, California, 94559
Event Types: Fairs (view all Napa events in August)
Event Date: August 2020
Organizer: Napa Town and Country Fair Board of Directors,, , 707-253-4900

Event Overview

Napa Town and Country Fair, in Napa, California, takes place August 10, 2020 and ends in August. This County Fair event is sponsored by Napa Town and Country Fair Board of Directors and will be located at Napa Town and Country Fairgrounds, 575 Third Street.

Additional Notes

The Napa Town and Country Fair is an annual event organized by the 25th District Agricultural Association, State of California. The event takes place every year, around August, lasting for about 5 days, at the Napa Valley expo in downtown Napa. The Napa town and Country Fair is extremely trilling and exciting, a carnival of assorted shows and events showcasing the talents and agricultural exploits of the people of Napa.

There are many exciting events at the Napa Town and Country Fair, among them are - live music, destruction derby, gala, wine tasting, junior livestock auction, diaper derby, and more.

In an interesting blend of entertainment and education, the events expose visitors to an atmosphere of cultural appreciation and inspiring talents displayed by the youth of Napa.

The diaper derby is a hilarious race for participants who are under 1 year old: the first boy and girl to cross the finish line unassisted by parents will be crowned diaper derby king and queen.

Visitors will also have the pleasure of tasting wines from the best wineries in Napa county; restaurants will also present their best culinary efforts to the delight of visitors who will taste a range of dishes served in Napa.

The junior livestock auction features young persons as handlers of livestock up for sale while visitors can bid in the auction.

For families traveling in Recreational Vehicles, the Napa valley expo has an RV park and the rent is quite affordable.

Napa County is located north of San Francisco in the state of California. Known as Wine Country, Napa valley is known for its rich wine heritage and a haven for every wine enthusiast. While in town for the Napa Town and Country Fair feel free to enjoy delightful cuisines from any of the many fantastic restaurants in Napa valley. Napa valley has a number of guesthouses and hotels to make your visit fulfilling and very refreshing.

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