California Napa Events for Labor Day and September


There's so much to celebrate in Napa region this autumn. From the 13th annual Kendall Jacks Heirloom Tomato Festival to the two day wine country explorer pass, the area's got so much fun in one navigable place!


We love tomatoes and were pretty saddened when Carmel Valley's Tomato Tasting and Celebration ended after many years of success. So what a delight to discover the Kendall Jackson Heirloom Tomato Festival! Napa Wine Country festivals normally combine the best foods with great chefs and awesome, award-winning wines. On this account, you'll find out Kendall Jackson Wine Center's wine and food pairing experience worth a try. And it's available practically any time.


Don't snub Sonoma County and its wine experiences over Napa. Sonoma County has an equally exciting wine culture and events not to be rivaled.


What's so cool about the Napa/ Sonoma wine country regions are that they combine country with culture. Open space where the grapes grow, blend with continental flair in the restaurants and fan-base that surround the wineries and their offerings. It's a great time to explore Napa and Sonoma, and the value offering, Temecula in Southern California, also.





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