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Whale Calf Blowing Photo Celebrates Annual Whale Festival in Malibu


whale calf blowing


Each spring there's an annual Whale Festival in Malibu sponsored by Santa Monica Mountains Natural History Association. Annual date announcement is posted at Malibuinterp.com


For those unaware that the beautiful California gray whale was once on the brink of extinction, you can be thankful that this creature of the sea has bounced back, and can be seen from California beaches such as Malibu's Leo Carrillo Beach, where an annual event celebrates the whale. Festivals to celebrate whales abound in California, but this is event goes straight to the beach where people love to celebrate, and offers information, whale watching, food, music, activities and entertainment.


Gray whales are marine mammals that venture close to the beach in April and May, when mothers (cows) and babies (calves) feed while returning north on their migration. Dolphins, harbor seals and sea lions can also be seen swimming along the beach, and low tides offer unique opportunities to study the tidepools.


The California Gray whale was delisted from the US Endangered Species Act in 1994, but its survival and status should by no means be taken for granted. In 1999/2000 year, nearly half the population died of starvation. Since that time, the lowest mid-calf count in 30 years was observed in 2007, the reproduction rate has decreased, and approx. 12% of whales are so toxic that they have been labeled as "stinky whales". Education and awareness of these sea creatures, their successes and potential plight is key to human understanding of our relationship with the ocean and its ability to sustain life.


14th Annual Whale Festival. Celebration the annual migration of the California gray whale and its successful return from the brink of extinction, the event includes experienced naturalists on hand to spot bottlenose dolphins and gray whale seen from the beach, where live entertainment, environmental conservation booths, arts & crafts for kids, music, food and activities all greet guests. The public is invited to attend this event sponsored by Santa Monica Mountains Natural History Association. Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Cost: Free, $10 parking. Location: Leo Carrillo State Park, 35000 West Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA. Call: (805) 488-1827 x 106. malibuinterp.com


For more whale watching and festivals, there are many opportunities to learn about whales in California.