Magic WINTER League 2012 - Modesto, CA

Location: To Be Determined
Modesto, California, 95355
Event Types: Basketball (view all Modesto events in January)
Start Date: January 14, 2012 (League will start after1pm.)
End Date: March 10, 2012
Event Fee: Please see pricing structure below
Organizer: Stan Silva,, , 209-765-5107
Sign Up/Tickets:

Event Overview

Players will be put on a team of 8-10 girls. A warm up/practice time will be followed by a game. Each player must play at least 2 quarters of the game. Teams assembled by League Director using registration information, Special requests, evaluation practice session and specific knowledge of player’s abilities.

Price List

Jr. High Gr 7-8 (Need a Uniform)0.0000
Elementary Gr 5-6 (Need a Uniform)0.0000
Elementary Gr 3-4 (Need a Uniform)0.0000
Elementary Gr 3-4 (Have a uniform)0.0000
Elementary Gr 5-6 (Have a uniform)0.0000
Jr. High Gr 7-8 (Have a uniform)0.0000
Elementary (Grade 1-2) Need a uniform0.0000
Elementary (Grade 1-2) Have a uniform0.0000

Additional Notes

Fundraiser: We will be selling 2012 Stockton/Modesto Entertainment Savings Book ($15) at our registration/check in table on January 14th. We are hoping everyone could purchase at least 1 book. Contact Stan Silva (#209-765-5107) for more details.