Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim MLB Baseball Game - Anaheim, CA

Location: Angels Stadium of Anaheim
Anaheim, California
Event Types: Pro Sports (view all Anaheim events in April)
Start Date: April 2020
End Date: September 2020
Event Fee: Ticket prices vary
Organizer: Angel Stadium of Anaheim Box Office, www.angels.com
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Event Overview

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim MLB Baseball Game, in Anaheim, California, takes place April 01, 2020 and ends in September. This Pro Baseball event is sponsored by Angel Stadium of Anaheim Box Office and will be located at Angels Stadium of Anaheim.

Days & Hours

The regular season baseball games are played throughout the week April thru September. See their website for the home game schedule.

Additional Notes

Los Angeles Angels MLB baseball games are the premiere baseball experience in Los Angeles and all of southern California. They are a professional baseball team in Major League Baseball that play their games in the Angel Stadium of Anaheim in Anaheim, CA. The Angels are in the Western Division of the American League (American League West) and most frequently play divisional teams from Seattle, Oakland, and Texas (Dallas area). They won their division from 2007 to 2009. This high level and championship caliber of playing is a big attraction for fans to go see. There are many minor league baseball teams in California and four other MLB teams but The Los Angeles Angels is baseball at the highest level on the grandest stage and the fan experience is nothing short of that.

Former names of the club include the California Angels, Anaheim Angels, and the present Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The Walt Disney company took control of the company in 1997. The team won the pennant and World Championship in 2002. Another incentive to attend Angel baseball games now is the year-long 50 year anniversary that is going on this season with many types of events to show fan appreciation and celebrate the franchise. The atmosphere of Angel games are very vibrant and exhilarating. Many fans are loyal to the club and the experience is fun and a great experience. The Los Angeles Angels receives plenty of media coverage and fans may even find themselves on national television. There is plenty of merchandise and sports gear for fans to purchase to feel like a part of the team and truly get into the Angel spirit.

There are many ticket options for season, group, and kids tickets. There are skyboxes and suites for the high rollers that attend these games and many activities for kids and family as well. The food served at the stadium is spectacular and second to none in the California baseball world. Many big stars and national names play for the team and spectators can expect to see some of the biggest stars and most talented athletes that the league has to offer in these games. The location of the Angels ballpark makes it exceptionally easy for locals and visitors to Anaheim and the greater Los Angeles and Orange County metropolitan area to get to them as well.