Long Beach Convention Center's Unique Exterior Columns and Art


Long Beach, Calif.--Long Beach Convention Center shown in the photo offers unique columns containing elevator service for those not interested in climbing stairs leading up to the building, which is long and looks like similar to the tubular roof of the Orange County Airport.  Ideal for Southern California events, the convention is in the mid-size range for California, and is only one of several situated at the beach, providing ocean views.



Most convention centers are designed with architecture providing a feeling of height and space (kind of a subtle marketing message to event planners) seeking space for their conferences and events. The exterior plaza and entry to this venue maintains a splashy display of colorful banners most the time.



Having attended meetings and events at the Long Beach Convention Center, this place is similar to most others in that it requires wandering to get to the smaller meeting rooms, while the main convention floor is the entry point for big shows where trucks and vehicles must drive their display booths and products into the convention facility. With some teal colors, and massive doors facing west, the sunshine really lights up the interior lobby where restaurants sell snacks, quick food and coffee.



Located along Pine Avenue near Ocean, the Convention Center is directly next door to the Hyatt Regency Long Beach. Across the street within one block walking distance or less is the Westin and  Renaissance, which recently spent over $11 million in renovations.



For tourists on vacation, this is one of those sweet spots where you can sometimes find cheaper room rates on weekends as the convention crowd departs. We've saved between $50 and 100 on rooms at the Renaissance on occasion. But not to digress too much, the reason the photo above was posted was to offer a glimpse into the variety of sights for photographers or tourists with their cameras seeking to take pictures. Definitely have your camera ready when you arrive in Long Beach, Calif. It is a colorful city and its eye candy just keeps improving with time. Read more