Laguna Beach Greeter Statue Commemorates Personality


the greeter laguna beach

Laguna Beach's The Greeter Statue



Laguna Beach, Calif.  The photo above features The Greeter based on a real live person who lived a long and happy existence in Laguna Beach, California, greeting tourists who came to town. Everyone knew this interesting man and the city loved him so much, he's been commemorated with not one, but several statures throughout the main part of the city on Coast Highway or Highway 1.


Tourists love Laguna Beach even after the greeter has been long past. They come to see the beaches first, then the artwork, shopping, galleries, surfing, and dining..


Laguna Beach is one of the few beaches with hotels directly on the beach, a real treat for tourists who long for that experience of hearing the ocean waves to lull them to sleep at night. You pay more, of course, for such luxury in a county that's fairly wealthy and a city where homes seldom sell for less than  a million dollars.  When you visit, go see this colorful bigger-than-life statue along the main thoroughfare. You can't miss it. Read more about The Greeter.





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