Kings Fair of Kings County - Hartford, CA

Location: The Kings Fairgrounds
801 South 10th Avenue, Hartford, California, 93230
Event Types: Fairs (view all Hanford events in July)
Event Date: July 2019
Organizer: The Kings Fair 24-A District Agriculture Association,, , (559) 584-3318

Event Overview

Kings Fair of Kings County, in Hartford, California, takes place July 07, 2019 and ends in July. This County Fair event is sponsored by The Kings Fair 24-A District Agriculture Association and will be located at The Kings Fairgrounds, 801 South 10th Avenue.

Additional Notes

The Kings Fair in Hartford CA is a fun and exciting time for the entire family. The fair is annual and occurs in the month of July in Hartford, California. The fair is known for its great food, rides, race cars, music, and animals. The wine garden and outdoor theater within the fair is known to host talented and well-known musical guests at night-time. The Swan Bros. Circus is a premiere part of the Kings Fair and it is a main attraction for many consumers and attendees. It features juggling, clowns, balancing rola-bola, slapstick comedy, and magic shows. The main performers of the circus are well-known throughout the state of California and in other parts of the country. The Kings Fair also features animal racing between various species. Chickens, goats, pigs, sheep, and surprise animals race each other in a fun format to entertain the fairgoers. These races are available daily throughout the Kings Fair. They are known as the GASCAR Crazy Animal Races. There is also real racing with cars within the Giant Chevrolet Speedway with an enduro and demolition derby. There is also exclusive bull riding available for visitors of the fair and this will truly excite and keep the attention of spectators. Tickets for rides at the Kings Fair can be conveniently purchased all over town prior to arriving at the fairgrounds at places like Best Buy, R-N Market, Emma's Bridal, and the United Gymnastic Academy. The fair also hosts the annual Agri-Business Luncheon in the Wine Garden at the Kings Fairgrounds. It discusses regional agricultural topics. It features leaders and experts in the field that guests speaks and has wonderful and delicious meals available and discounts for other festivities at the fair. There are RV camping facilities on the fairgrounds during the fair to make it convenient for travelers to post and enjoy the festivities during the time of the fair.

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