Raul Rodriguez, Designer, is Huntington Beach's Judge for Huntington Harbour Boat parade


Huntington Beach, Calif.--For over 8 years Raul R. Rodriguez, famous Tournament of Roses, Rose Parade Float Designer has come to Huntington Beach to judge the beautiful Huntington Harbour Christmas events for the Cruise of Lights organization and Huntington Harbour Boat Parade. It's amazing that this expert at painting brushstrokes of beauty as the top designer and award-winner of Rose Parade floats, is humble and modest.


You'd hardly know that in his own right he's won more Rose Parade awards than any other designer, has provided illustrations for numerous books, has designed the entryway to Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, has designed and is designing light parades for theme parks in Dubai, Mexico, and numerous spots around the globe...the credits just go on.


When you meet Rodriguez, your first thought is that he's very talented and very nice. But his outlook on life comes through and can be seen in his work and his every day living. That's what most attracted us to him as an artist, and is why we're dedicating this space to someone who deserves it.


Rodriguez volunteered his time to judge the boat decorations in a Centennial themed event, the first to launch this seaside city into its year-long celebration. Working with Fiesta, Festival and Charisma Floats, Rodriguez makes the world a more beautiful place with his fantastical flower-covered works of art that annually glide along Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena for the Tournament of Roses Parade.


Well spoken, thoughtful and upbeat in his goal to make the world better, this gentle soul has traveled the globe doing just that. From humble beginnings, growing up in Los Angeles County, the budding talent got his first break in high school at the age of 14 1/2 years. He submitted a float design for his city's submission into the Rose Parade and his was selected. It launched a life-long career. After designing more than 500 floats, Raul Rodriguez continues to see the Tournament of Roses as a celebration of life, carrying the hope and optimism that he began with. "I hope the good Lord allows me to do this for many years to come," said Rodriguez.





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