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Huntington Beach Surfing Hall of Fame Event


Surfers Hall of Fame 2009 Immortalizes Surfing Greats in the Grauman-style hall of fame in  HB. The 12th annual Surfers’ Hall of Fame ceremony will be held at 10 a.m. on Friday,  in front of Huntington Surf & Sport (corner of PCH and Main).

July 24, 2009, 10 a.m. PCH & MAIN, Huntington Beach, CA


Huntington Beach, Calif.--There's at least one thing you can't accuse Huntington Surf & Sport surf shop owner of being so-so about... that's his passion for the sport of surfing. The owner of HSS on the corner of PCH & Main overlooks some of the West Coast's great surfing in Huntington Beach. It was the owner of the popular surfing store who created the Surfing Hall of Fame, a variation on the event across the street in front of competitor Jacks Surfboards, the Surfing Walk of Fame. Held each year in Huntington Beach to coincide with the U.S. Open of Surfing, the event draws top names. Here's some past event coverage.


What's the difference? The Hall of Fame sponsored by Pai is an event where famous, living surfer put their footprints and handprints in wet cement, then write their names on the wet paved stones as guests watch. The one across the street has some pre-made stones with names engraved that are permanently placed into the local sidewalk.


The 2009 Surfers’ Hall of Fame induction in 2009 will honor Jeff Hakman, Quiksilver USA co-founder;  documentary film director and early pioneer of surf films Bruce Brown; and the co-star of Endless Summer II and former World Tour standout Pat O’Connell.


Over 11 million to Huntington Beaches and downtown each year stop to pose with at the Hall of Fame with its centerpiece statue of the Father of Surfing, Duke Kahanamoku.


Through the years this commemoration to the surfing greats around the globe has honored Jack O’Neill, Robert August, Laird Hamilton, Jericho Poppler, Mike Doyle, Greg Noll,  Kelly Slater, Shaun Tomson and Rob Machado, to name a few.


Nor stranger to surfing, Aaron Pai sponsors a surfing team or two, and his son is a surfing champ. If the Pai family is out of town, it's usually to surf or compete some place around the globe. But they try to be around for the Hall of Fame, the big community event for this store annually.

The Surfers’ Hall of Fame induction ceremony is open to the public, free-of-charge. Further information is available at


US Open of Surfing is held annually in July, and includes the Surfing Hall of Fame event and Walk of Fame, as well.