Huntington Beach Bella Terra Mall Christmas Celebrations



Huntington Beach --Bella Terra Mall Christmas is a feast of lights in this renovated mall that features a lively crowd most any night. But when the free evening concerts combine with holiday light displays, it makes for an especially festive time. In addition to featuring great stores that shoppers love during the holidays, there are ceremonies and concerts, and the special tree lighting.


Reflecting the trends in outdoor mall entertainment, the Huntington Beach, California mall called Bella Terra, once a mostly empty space waiting for financing and a plan, now thrives with lots of dining, service-oriented shops, and of course, several retain anchor stores such as Kohl's and Burlington Coat Factory.


Taking advantage of the warm year-round weather, the mall has built a plaza and amphitheater gathering area for concerts, kids entertainment, community events and mingling and mixing after work or school. ON the night this photo was taken, hundreds of teens and high school students mingled outdoors. Such malls provide spots for youth to go, and even spend money. Some of the shops in the mall are youth-oriented and seek the demographic that flocks to this type of place on Friday nights or Saturdays.


Sparing little expense, the plaza area of this mall installed an expensive sculpture collection that's unique, whimsical and really quite fun. Its spirals, spires, and funny shapes that twist and turn as they rise into the air are the backdrop for palm trees, buildings and the courtyard where entertainment is featured regularly.