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Premiere Props will auction over 500 iconic props and cars the first weekend in August in partnership with E.P. Industries.


Premiere Props and E.P. Industries will auction off exclusive cars, motorcycles and movie props from feature films including “Triple X”, “Mask,” “Leatherheads,” “Gone in 60 Seconds,” “Streets of Fire,” “Secret Weapon,” “The Fast and The Furious” and even a signed Akira motorcycle from Kanye West’s music video “Stronger.”

This car auction will feature items and movie collectibles including:
• 2 Motorcycles built by Eddie Paul for the movie “Leatherheads”

• A 1967GTO built for “Triple X.” This car has a new big block Chevy engine, four wheel disc brakes and was a ground up restoration for the film
• Cher’s jacket and Turks cutaways jackets from “Mask”
• Original script from the original “Gone In 60 Seconds.” Only one printed
• Akira motorcycle signed by Kanye West. Motorcycle built for Kanye’s music video “Stronger”

• 2 Travis Pastrona helmets
• Cousteau new Prototype helmet
• Sign from Monster House on “Friday”
• 502 Chevy motorcycles with 2 superchargers
• Production book from the cars of “Fast and the Furious”
• Slides from “The Fast and The Furious” original set shots
• Crosses from “The Fast and The Furious”
• Three signed Eddie Paul calendars
• Shark head mechanics
• Dorsal fin from Cousteau’s first shark
• A 1972 Fastback custom Mustang
• An army bike which was featured in Eddie Paul’s guide to building the Ultimate Chopper
• Scripts from dozens of feature films and many, many more items and cars up for bid!

This auction will allow car collectors and fans the chance to come to our warehouse and bid on E.P. Industries’ collectible cars and props for one weekend only. This is fans’ opportunity to own a piece of movie history.

Fans can also place live bids online at  icollector.com/ with the preview beginning August 1st at 9am and the live auction starting at 11am. premiereprops.comor call (310) 322-PROP / (888) 761-PROP.

About Premiere Props

Premiere Props is the leading marketing memorabilia company to market, authenticate, package, and distribute exclusive movie memorabilia. Since 2001, Premiere Props has represented over 300 movies to date and continues to grow strong. Premiere Props works with some of the largest motion picture studios and independent distributors in the world, such as Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Miramax, MGM, The Weinstein Company, Sony Screen Gems, Lionsgate, TriStar, Spyglass, Alcon and many more.

About E.P. Industries
Eddie Paul is owner and President of E.P. Industries, Inc. located in Southern California for over 35 years. E.P. Industries specializes in the conceptualizing, design, prototyping and manufacture of many technologies for the government, fire-fighting, U.S. Military, and aerospace industries. In addition to R&D, Eddie is well-known for his work with movie and television studios as a director, stunt coordinator, and builder of vehicles and mechanical effects. E.P. Industries operates out of a high-tech 25,000 sq. ft. facility that includes an automotive customizing and painting department, 15 CNC work stations, 2 CNC routers, CNC plasma-cutting, 3-D digitizing, metal fabrication and welding shop, plastics and woodworking, vacuum-forming, and state-of-the-art digital animation, digital photography, video production and editing. Eddie Paul owns his own Production Company and has written more than more than eight How-To 8 books, he also works as a technical consultant and has been invited to be Keynote speaker for companies such as Autodesk and National Fluid poser association and many more.

Premiere Props will auction off unique cars and collector movie props on Saturday, August 1st at 11am with a preview from 9am – 11am at E.P Industries’ warehouse in El Segundo, CA (2305 Utah Ave., El Segundo, CA 90245). As a special treat for the car aficionados, Eddie Paul, C.E.O of E.P. Industries and the creator of cult cars for Hollywood movies such as “The Fast And The Furious” and “Too Fast Too Furious” will be on site to inform bidders of the exclusive cars and items up for bid.