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Free Costa Mesa Train Rides in Fairview Park, Costa Mesa, California

.Costa Mesa Model Train rides

Costa Mesa Model Train Rides. Time: 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Cost: Free admission. Location: 2480 Placentia Ave., Costa Mesa, CA. Call: (949) 54-TRAINS.


Good things come in small sizes at the Goathill Junction..  That's one name the locals don't necessarily like to recall readily when mentioning Costa Mesa. Do you think it's funny that the city once was known by that name? You won't laugh or scoff once you discover that Goathill Junction is where the free train ride starts & stops. A dedicated group of volunteers lovingly bring their 1/8th scale trains to the station and operate a free public train ride for kids & adults to enjoy, paying only in smiles and generous donations.


Orange County Model Engineers club operates 1/8th scale trains in Fairview Park, and in this gem of a park that overlooks a golf course and Santa Ana River channel, you'll discover bliss. Model airplanes fly, BMX bikes challenge the dirt, and those who love trains get to whet their whistles in an enjoyable 12 minute journey that includes a trip around the park on one of the model trains.


We drove by the park many times, stopping to walk on the cool, green lawns overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Huntington Beach below from a plateau in Costa Mesa. One of OC's best kept "secrets", Fairview Park is a gentle oasis away from the parks that are too pristine. This park has beautiful grass, picnic tables, bathrooms, and a bit of untamed beauty in dirt areas that are friendly to bike riders and model enthusiasts.


Each time we've stopped, we've driven a bit further around the bend to explore more of Costa Mesa. That's when a sign caught our eyes about a Train Ride on the other side of the park. The gate was always locked, however. Thanks to some investigative work, we discovered that there's a free train ride every third Saturday, and the Sunday that follows. It took some effort to clear our slates for this event but boy, was it worth the trip!


Getting there: Traveling from San Diego - 405 Freeway, exit Harbor Blvd. and head toward Newport Beach. After several stoplights, turn right onto Adams Avenue, then left onto Placentia. Follow the bend in the road, drive under an overpass walkbridge, and look for the gated entry to the model trains on the left hand side. If the gate is locked, the trains aren't open.


fairview park map


As adults with no toddlers in tow, we discovered that kids & parents locally seem to know about this unique attraction. They plot their birthday parties in the surrounding park areas (you can actually book and rent the train rides for an afternoon of fun), and they hop aboard the free 3rd Saturday train more than once during a visit.


A delightful store at Mackerel Flats (Newport Beach was once known as Mackerel Flats), offers kids toys, souvenir t-shirts and one find that I took home. A book on the history of Costa Mesa was under $5! Filled with color photos and historic black & white pictures, it told the story of Costa Mesa. Once comprised of several cities such as Fairview, this early tourist destination went through good times and some hardships. Several cities combined to form Costa Mesa, which is now a thriving center for the arts & entertainment. Who could imagine that one little train ride would serve up so much educational value to an adult just passing through on Saturday?


As I drove away with "my people", we were hungry and began the search down Costa Mesa's busy Harbor Blvd. STOP!, someone said as they saw a big sign, "Taco, Jr." Great, affordable eats made this a new favorite in Mexican food for us gringos who are discovering Costa Mesa's smaller restaurants and roadside cafes don't get a lot of play in the city lights, but they are food finds that now have us driving back to Costa Mesa for simple pleasures.


Where to stay? I'm a brat when it comes to hotels, and I always pick the Westin by South Coast Plaza. But there are some decent and affordable COSTA MESA HOTELS that include the likes of a Hilton, Holiday Inn and countless others.


Nearby: Diego Sepulveda Adobe Estancia is across Adams Ave. and is open some Saturdays. You can always wander the grounds, however.