Constructing & Maintaining the "Market Requirements - Corona, CA

Location: Manufacturing Executive Institute Training Center
Corona, California, 92880-6996
Event Types: Community (view all Corona events in April)
Event Date: April 27, 2012 (08:30 AM - 04:30 PM)
Organizer: , (951) 736-2114
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Event Overview

Why You Should Attend This 1-Day Workshop Forecasts often fail because little attention was given to FUTURE market, customer and product demand drivers. Forecasting requires data from the past (historical sales data), data from the present (direct communications with sales staff and customers) and data from the future (the Market Requirements Definition, or MRD).  The MRD is a document that expresses all that needs to be known about products, markets and customers; looking into the future.  The MRD is the Chief Forecaster’s view into what will likely occur in the future, given the company’s resources that are focused on products and markets. Executives, sales management and the Chief Forecaster rely on the MRD to provide guidance.  For company executives, this guidance tells them what products and services are planned to be sold in specific markets.  For Sales Management, the MRD provides resource guidance by defining the resources the company will likely expend to reach specific markets and customers.  To Product Devel

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