San Francisco Erotic, Exotic Ball Halloween Celebration


Concord California annual Fear Factory at Waterworld includes several themed scares, ideal for Halloween entertainment. Location: Waterworld California, 1950 Waterworld Parkway, Concord, CA.


If the descriptions of the scares seem a little canned at Waterworld in Concord, thatt's OK. The entertainment value makes attendance worth it.


From "You oughtta be DEAD in pictures" to other themed adventures, be prepared to be excited, and maybe event a little scared at this event that's held annually around Halloween at Concord's theme park. Guests are thrust into the world of chilling horror movies where they come face to face with villains.


At Sleepaway Camp, kids can be so mean, as you'll find out.  It’s summer camp as usual, but something sinister is about to put a slash in the roster. Return to Sleepaway Camp at this screening of the upcoming movie’s trailer and sets.

Deadman's Cover in Pirate’s Village  offers a Scare Zone and face some of the most terrifying creatures of the deep.


This annual event includes try-outs for part-time work that includes basically scaring people as you disguise yourself as an assigned character. While acting skills help, a bit of unadulterated letting go can get you on the roster.





Concord is located in the East Bay San Francisco and is accessible by BART public train that goes in and out of the city to the burbs such as Concord. Tourists visiting can book a hotel room next door to the theme park at the Hilton Concord. We had a room that overlooked the park, itself. It was cool watching them open for the day, then transform at night to an entirely different gig. 


Gyro's Haunted Attractions is in charge of the action during this special event, one of many you'll find as you travel the lonely road during Halloween in California.