Coast City Ballet's "The Nutcracker"



Huntington Beach, Calif.--California Christmas Events includes ballets. Coast City Ballet returns to Long Beach, Calif. for its annual performance of The Nutcracker. Note: in 2009 Coast City Ballet booked its event at the Historic Huntington Beach Theater at Huntington Beach High School. That original venue was under renovation for two seasons but is thankfully open once again as of this printing.

Coast City Ballet is one of the rising stars of the beach cities ballet companies. Located in an efficient dance studio in Huntington Beach, Calif., it's hard to believe that great dance talent comes from cities that tout surfing and sun. But Huntington Beach has produced a fair share of ballet dancers, believe it or not!


Coast City Ballet is a company to watch for that very reason--and for the fact that the founders are passionate about ballet, and one of them has previously lived the dream as a professional traveling the globe.


Though one of the newest companies has a modest budget and continues to seek corporate sponsorship, this small group amazingly produces an annual Nutcracker ballet, complete with exquisite costumes that are made in-house. It's just the kind of story you have to embrace, when you understand that the company rose out of passion and dreams, and has risen in several years to esteem. Established in 2005, the young dance company jokes about such things as costumes for the Nutcracker production.


"We hope our dancers don't grow too fast," said Aly, co-owner who makes most the costumes by hand. Having a dancer grow means a new costume is required in this small, intimate company, where a loyal, talented group takes the parts in The Nutcracker sometimes one season to the next.


In 2008 as the company continued its pace and nearly doubled its space in its studios, beautiful new costumes were added to the ballet and incredible talents grew stronger in their parts of this beloved ballet that is the most performed holiday show.


Ballet Performance Venue:
Held each December
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Coast City Ballet is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. For information on participation, sponsorships and opportunities to study Ballet - Pas de Deux - Pointe - Cecchetti Method, Jazz - Lyrical - Modern - Hip Hop
Contact: Clara D’Autilia  (714) 963-9771

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