Cloverdale Citrus Fair in California Wine Country

Feb. 12-15, 2010 (celebrated since 1892)


Cloverdale, Calif. -- North of San Francisco in Mendocino County where the wine grapes grow abundantly, Cloverdale prepares each year for its annual Cloverdale Citrus Fair. While citrus is the theme of this event, recent years have brought great attention to the wines that are produced.


The fair is celebrated with a carnival, midway, games, music, contests, and even a queen and her court. It offers all the makings of a good time to break up the winter months when locals can fall into the doldrums without such an event anticipated and welcomed in the surrounding region, as well.


Cloverdale has many events throughout the year that celebrate harvests, history, art and traditional holidays. But the Cloverdale Citrus Fair takes the cake for good, old-fashioned fun in the springtime when the flowers start to bloom. It's a great time to visit as the air temperature is usually quite nice (bring a jacket, of course). When visiting, give yourself time to drive through the redwood forests, head for the beaches and California coast, and sample wines at some very noteworthy spots along the road.





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