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Sonora events begin with Sonora's CFM Saturday Farmers Market ending October 31, Mother Lode Round-Up ending May 08 and Mother Lode Fair ending July 10. Other Sonora, California area events can be found in nearby Jamestown, Columbia, Tuolumne, Chinese Camp and Vallecito.

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Sonora's CFM Saturday Farmers Market, in Sonora, California, takes place May 01, 2020 and ends in October. This Farmers Market event is sponsored by City of Sonora and will be located at Drabkin parking lot, Theall & Stewart Streets.

Mother Lode Round-Up , in Sonora, California, takes place May 07, 2020 and ends in May. This Rodeo event is sponsored by Tuolumne County Sheriff's Posse and will be located at Mother Lode Fairgrounds , 220 Southgate Drive .

Dubbed 'The hottest little fair in California', the Mother Lode Fair in Sonora is a must-see for visitors far and wide. Its history can be traced back all the way to 1889 as Tuolumne County Fair & Horse Show, and since 1938 it has held its current name.

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