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Central Park's Geese & Ducks in Huntington Beach



tame ducks in central Park california


Huntington Beach, CA -- About the photo: There are many Central Parks throughout the U.S. but our very favorite happens to be in Huntington Beach, California. The 360-acre park features bird watching and all sorts of nature activities, sports and recreation. But the very favorite thing to do is to look at the ducks and geese next to Lake Huntington. You can purchase duck food and feed them.


Within minutes, dozens of birds will flock around you. These well heeled creatures are smart enough to know that if you don't have food, they can wait a few minutes and somebody else probably will. They also recognize that they will be no human's meal. Even though their favorite spot is next to a cafe, they never worry about people hurting them in any way. Night predators to the park include coyotes--and that could be a concern for these web-footed residents of the park.


But most seem to live happily and survive the perils of nature in this urban forest with its eucalyptus groves, and beautiful surroundings for birds to live. When you visit and stay in "HB", there's a new hotel at the beach to check out, Shorebreak, a Joie de Vivre boutique hotel with some ocean view rooms and suites.