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Carpinteria Avocado Festival Annual Events California


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Carpinteria Annual Avocado Festival Celebrates Agriculture, Community, Eating & Music

October 1-3, 2010;


Do you love avocadoes? Or maybe just like them? You actually don't even have to like them to enjoy this annual festival that brings together three stages of musical acts and entertainment, kids petting zoo, vendor booths, contests galore such as the Largest Avocado or Best Dressed Avocado, and food, food, food.


You better not be shy of crowds, either, because this event is one of the largest, best attended festival in the U.S. Avocadoes are gold in California. Costing more than any fruit, each delicious, vitamin-packed avocado costs over $1.


Absolutely delicious in guacamole dishes, soups, Mexican plates, on top of salads, and countless other ways, the annual Avocado Festival includes a best recipe contest allowing visitors to learn new ways to enjoy the luscious, buttery green soft food.


Amazingly, this event is free and paid for through generous sponsorships. Guests can purchase lots of different foods such as traditional hot dogs or hamburgers, but one of the more unusual items is avocado ice cream. You never know what's going to be offered till you visit and wander the grounds of this spectacular event that boasts many things, including being one of the largest festivals in the U.S. and having the largest vat of guacamole anywhere.