clowns at funeral

Veronica Lomas Memorial - Photos January 2009  Photo: Connie Young.

Photo of Ronnie Lomas Memorial in Westminster, CA with two jovial clowns.


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Note: Ronnie Lomas of Pageantry Productions, passed away in January 2009.


Clowns marched down the walkway in colorful costumes, red cotton-candy hair, bulbous red noses and exaggerated gestures to honor Ronnie Lomas at her memorial.


Press release date 2007: Huntington Beach 4th of July Board Chooses Ronnie Lomas as 2007 Bill Gallienne Award Recipient  FOURTH OF JULY Annual Parade in Huntington Beach, California.


Bill Gallienne Award was named for the man who was instrumental in keeping the parade going through the mid-1900's.


The successful Southern California-based parade and events production firm produces a variety of parades throughout the region ranging from ethnic celebrations to holiday-themed parades such as the annual Huntington Beach 4th of July Parade.






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