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Veronica Lomas Memorial  Photos

Photo of Ronnie Lomas Memorial in Westminster, CA Long Beach's Junior Concert Band Marches


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Note: Ronnie Lomas of Pageantry Productions passed away in January 2009. She helped operate a successful company that produced parades such as City of Lynwood Candy Cane Lane Parade, City of Rolling Hills Estates Parade of Lights, and Downey's Holiday Lane Parade.

Veronica Lomas worked tirelessly, sometimes operating parades and festivals back to back on the same day, along with her husband, Bill. The 4th of July Parade in Huntington Beach has enjoyed a relationship with Pageantry Productions for over 30 years, and those who volunteer to make the parade a success, honored Ronnie Lomas with an award she was presented in 2007. Huntington Beach 4th of July Board Chose Ronnie Lomas as 2007 Bill Gallienne Award Recipient..  She was chosen as an individual for a long-standing association with the Huntington Beach 4th of July Celebration, as a volunteer, employee or consultant.




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