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California Farmer's Markets Events  Event List for Calif Farmers Mkts.


strawberries from oxnard

california produce strawberries


If there's any one trend that may help sustain the concept of small, independently grown foods, the California Farmers Markets and similar markets throughout the U.S. are certainly our best bet.  I have tried to purchase fresh pineapple juice and began studying the container labels. The juice is process in the Philippines, and comes from sources unknown. My blueberries are from Chili or other such countries. And living in California, wouldn't you think I could gain access to the garlic grown in Gilroy? Apparently much of our foods go abroad. We get to purchase our fruits & vegetables from other countries such as garlic from China. I wonder if farmers in Calif. are selling the "fresh" foods to other countries, then they are selling them back to us?


The Farmer's Markets are our best bet for accessing foods that are certified California grown. Some even are certified organic. With the trend in an increase in these type of markets, the news is hopeful for consumers. And if you want a really great experience, travel the farm belt of California from Temecula wineries to Central Valley almond growers, cheese producers, olive oil manufacturers, and to the Central Coast where you'll find wines, avocados, garlic, artichokes, seasonal apples, and an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.  With the trend in new markets opening, we had to begin this What's New section to keep up with the events and new markets that are launched regularly.


What's NEW or Newsworthy:


Avila Beach Fish & Farmer's Market is held each week at the Promenade (by the beach).


Calistoga Farmer's Market is held each week through October. It features farm fresh foods, organic foods, and a wellness tent.